Important Traveler Information

Entering the Bahamas
To enter Eleuthera you will need proof of citizenship such as a Passport, Birth Certificate, or Voter Registration card.  A driver's license is NOT adequate.
Bring cash or traveler's checks
There are very few places that accept credit cards, and when they do there is a 3% surcharge.  On Eleuthera cash is king.  If you are uncomfortable traveling with cash then bring traveler's checks.  Personal checks may be accepted, but not at all places.
The Bahamian government considers U.S. currency equivalent to Bahamian currency, and the two can be used interchangeably.  Upon returning you will receive less of an exchange rate so use your Bahamian currency while you are there, or save it and use it for your return visit next year!
ATM machine
Modern conveniences have found Eleuthera.  The island's first ATM machine was installed in April of 1999, and is located in Rock Sound at the Scotia Bank about 20 minutes south of the house.  You will find banks in most of the larger communities.
Stores, Shopping, Entertainment, etc.
Every 5 to 10 miles up and down Eleuthera's 100 miles you will find a town.  Each town has its own unique flavor, and local community.  Most towns will offer a restaurant, some gift stores, and groceries.  The larger communities are in Governor's Harbour, Gregory Town to the North, and Rock Sound to the south.  Palmetto point is the closest town to SeaDreams, and  is only 3 miles away.  There you can find a few grocery stores, a gas station, and Mate and Jenny's Pizzeria among others.  The nearest liquor store is in Governor's Harbour.  There you will also find the island's only movie theater as well as its only traffic light.  There are many beautiful churches.  Should you need to you will find a doctor or dentist.  Eleuthera is laid back, really laid back.  The only nightlife you will find will probably be a local bar with a small band, perhaps Dr. SeaBreeze.
Getting around
The best way to see the island is to rent a car and explore.  All of the beaches are exquisite and distinct.  To the north you can take a water taxi to either Spanish Wells, or Harbour Island.  The trip is $4US each way per person.  Harbour Island and Spanish Wells are about 60 miles north of SeaDreams.  Boat rentals are available for fishing, diving, water skiing, or cruising.  For those in seek of some nightlife you can take a small plane to Nassau for about $100 roundtrip.  A new high speed ferry between Nassau and North Eleuthera is planned for 1999.  And then there are the mail boats.
When you get off the plane
You will first go through customs.  After clearing customs you will claim your luggage.  Walk out the front door of the airport and you will be greeted by Arthur Nixon, the house manager, who will give you the house keys, point you in the right direction, and fill you in on the island low down.  If you've arranged for a car rental you will get the car keys right there as well.  Have a great vacation!
Mail Boats
Mail-boats are an inexpensive and rewarding way of seeing the Family Islands. The boats
are subsidized by the government as mail carriers, but they take on passengers and freight as well as the priority mailbags. There is a spirit of adventure involved with mail-boat travel; something like bringing to life the pages of a Joseph Conrad novel. Costs range from about $40 roundtrip to Nassau to a much a longer and slightly more costly trip to faraway Inagua. Some mail-boats include food with their inter-island transportation service.  Mail boats leave from North Eleuthera.  From Nassau you can pick up a boat to any of the other Out Islands.  Check with the locals for additional information.